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out open the deck it was pretty observe we don't go out on that does the children are having fun and the roommates never bothered them and with this larger deck i proposed that i would be more than willing to put a facade up like bamboo or something green something egging could friendly but we'd rather not decrease the size of the deck limited within 12 feet is legal. but i understand the issue that she has i would say we're not - we are just a bunch of good goose we're not wanting to threaten any the children or the businesses. i would like to know respectfully request from the board you allow the completion of that deck we've been working hard. august 29th was stressful within the safety hazards and i'll stop do you know what the grade difference it's on the hill from ms. lewis house roughly >> it would be about 2 feet the grade differences. what do you think you guys >> about 2 feet. >> i have a question too. your sort of community oriented and obviously wanted to maintain don't relations with your neighbor you talked about bamboo. i lived up next to my neighborhood it is n
kidding me? no, i -- wait. you're right. it a minut skip the dancing. we don't tal to each otr all night, noand now u justwanto have sex? it a minut skip the dancing. not just. , yeahye. come on, wtalked. "this butt is the peect temperate/densitwas i wrong? you know what? we have nothing to say to each other. all we do is talk about the ki or tell stories we've heard over and or and er.what stories? robert swallowing that damn e -- ve hrd thastupid story a million times, ery time you see honey or a bee or aerson wi a puffy face. ery time you see honey oyeah, at's a million. or howbout thee your dad put a possumy in your tentt's a million. during a camping tri d you literay jumped out your skin? what? it was scary. yeah, that's not literally. you lirally jump out of your in, you're dead. body outf skindead. how about you? you're always telling me about the story where you wore purple shoes and your feet sweated and they turned purple. "it was like i was making wine." that's not funny. i know, see? we have nothing talk about we, we're talking now. and you don'ethis is great. al
, no, no, no. you don't understand. she just had to go-- ah, here's mr. brashov. ooh, he doesn't look well at all. how would you feel if you just lost your chef ? ladies. i understand there is a problem with the chicken. it's not really a problem. it just tastes a ttle different, that's all. we're sorry to hear about your chef quitting. rosa quitting ? i can explain that. no, no. she is on her way back from the airport with miguel. perhaps my friend and i could try something different today. oh, no. you want the monterey chicken and you shall have it. - just give me a minute. - thank you so much. poor man. he looks like he hasn't slept in a week. probably because hen't. well, if it isn't rosa what's the problem ? i wish i knew. ah, look who's here. rosa ! and you must be miguel. - how was your flight ? - fine. yes, i-- how do they all know ? goods travs . henry ! miguel, i'd like you to meet henry. ah, very nice to meet you. hi. how are you ? this is jamal. oh, jamal. a pleasure. pleased to meet you. in casybody's rested i'm katherine. ah, yes. rosa has
marshall's show that i don't hate these perpetrators, i forgive them. i forgive them because i can't die hating them, but i do want justice and i do want them in jail. i do want them to go to jail. i do want to go and say why did you kill my son. i at least deserve that. i at least deserve an apology from them, whatever they say to me. i want to tell them too, let me show you the love i want you to give to my son, that's what you took from me. yet these perpetrators are still walking the street and i feel sorry for their parents. i wouldn't want them to go through what i'm going through everyday. believe me, i don't want to stand here, i don't want to be here ever. i don't want to be doing this. we have a lot of mothers and fathers out there that are going through this and that i listen to everyday. we stand together and if it wasn't for those other mothers and fathers, i don't know what where i'd be. i still carry my son's picture here that i have to look at everyday. this is what keeps me strong. it keeps me fighting. i have to do this because if i don't i'd seem like i'm forgetting a
dad said if you don't make a stop, this could happen to your little sister. then the sister gets in on it and it's, like, just puts the, as sisters will do, but i think as a, as someone who was a boy and had difficult conversations with my dad, i really really remember that sort of punch them, make it go away. a lot of families will give that advice. i'm not even convinced that's the wrong advice, the problem is when they doesn't work, then they shut down and quit coming to you because they are afraid it's a double disappointment. they can't please their peers and find friendship and then they so don't want to lose their fathers as well, this boy-father thing is so deep. >> every single person in this room wants to start making a difference. we want to start doing it right now. ros, how do you start giving a child the dignity that was taken away? >> i'm actually going to use an example that might seem a little far-flung for that question. one of the things i wanted to talk about with colleagues is the write up process when they cuss you out in the classroom or the hallway.
will have a special report. >> something about if you smoke or something like that. i really don't smoke. [inaudible] >> okay. okay. >> one day after our report on obamacare navigators advising clients to lie and cheat, four people have been disciplined. we have an update also ahead on the factor miley cyrus apparently smopg pot in public. the chinese after jimmy kimmel and dennis miller on violence off the field in the nfl. >>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will obama care be the end of modern liberalism? is that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. more bad news for president obama today. new quinnipiac poll shows american voters disapproving of his job performance by a 54 to 39% margin. the 39% is the president's lowest approval rating since he took office. white american voters disapprove of mr. obama by a whopping 62 to 32. hispanics disapprove 47 to 41. black american voters approve of the president's job performance 75% to 15. among young voters ages
people in painting, buy the best material you can because you don't want to keep redog it. is this the same concept. >> it is the prep work is important if you go over a bad part tell effect the roof. >> going over a bad surface. the implication is most buildings in san francisco are existing buildings. we don't have that many new buildings that you can put a brand-new work o. most of the work we see and you guys do are reroofs. which is trying to going out what the problem is and how to fix it? is that what you do? >> yes. i was thinking the subsurface. when we see oftentimes someone put a beautiful tile roof on that can last 50 or 70 years the waterproofing under is not up to snuff it the last 15 years you have a 75 year old roof that will last for 15 because the underlayment is not up to the quality of roof itself. that's an example we are seeing here. >> what is the primary cause of failure? failure means that the roof leaks? we can agree the roof doesn't work it leaks. >> it's supposed to rain tomorrow. >> the most important thing is application. >> the failure
ship. bill clinton providing cover for hillary and here are some of the others. >> i don't think it has been a disaster it has been another joke. i am up to that. but i am hoping i have no idea how this is going to work on on november 30th. >> i personally believe even if it makes new law he needs to help those people keep their insurance. >> i have my own business my policies got canceled even before the affordable care act. >> bigger problems than fixing the web site. the fact that nobody believes anything they say any more. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. uh-oh. >> 106,000. >> why didn't you come to me first on this good news. the bigger problem, for the first time i can remember the right media and the mainstream media have come together now and are bludgeoning this. i don't know one reporter save schultz on msnbc who is now defending this. that causes real problems. the amen corner isn't there. >> they were expecting 500,000 after a month. they expected 7 million. these numbers are disaster. >> if we had single payer. >> bob is making an interesting point. the irony of it is president obama just
we're all in a deep crunch. 8:00 p.m. tonight. you don't get it ch. >>> hello everyone. i'm kimberly along with bob, greg, dana. this is the five. >>> president barack obama s the website prevented too many americans from competing the enrollment process. that's on us. i'll have to win back credibility. that's on me. that's on us. that's on me. not on them, on us. this one is deserved. it's on us. >> after years of lying about his signature health care law and weeks after it launched disastrous result, those words you heard are president barack obama and for a good reason. a fox poll shows most americans thinks the president knowly lied to get the obama care passed. not a good place to be. today he offered a solution to stop the bleeding and attempt to salvage a legacy. >> people that have plans predating the affordable care act can keep those plans if they haven't changed. today we're going to extend both to people who's plans have changed since the law took effect and people who bought plans since the law took effect. >> ask yourself, can we really take president barack
's thighs and their tendency to touch the material. >> frankly some women's bodies just actually don't work for us. it is the rubbing of the thighs and how much pressure is there. >> finally somebody says what everybody has been thinking. the commentary sparked on-line outrage and he was criticized for fat shaming. so on friday he did what every guy has to do, posts this video. >> i would like to talk about the last few days of media that occurred around the bloomburg interview. i am sad. i am really sad for the repercussions of my actions. i am sad for the people of lululemon i care so much about that have had to face the brunt of my actions. i take responsibility for all that has occurred and the impact it has had on you. >> i am so embarrassed for all of us. he also promised to make yoga wear for larger mammals. >> ♪ >> 6. 7. 8. >> i look at that tape and every time i look at it i go, okay, how much horrible, awful training went into that to get that poor mammal to do that. the prodding and the poking -- >> it is a bunch of fish. >> that's closer to you -- >> they rewarded him with fis
. then they said but one at a time. so we don't want -- melissa: obviously obamacare at the top of the agenda again today. it looks like we all may be able to keep existing health plans after all but what is the cost of that now? we start off by crunching the numbers for you because even when they say it's not, it is always about money. >> the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. >> hmmm. so, if you like your plan you can keep your plan, at least for another year. president obama announcing the big health care fix that will let insurance companies continue canceled plans through 2014. it is going to cost more money somewhere. could be coming from you. i bet it is coming from you. here to crunch numbers, former cbo director doug holtz-eakin. everyone will argue about the politics of this. this show is called "money." i want to drill down on numbers, what this really means, what it is going to cost. the first question i had after i heard the statement, y
of what you have heard today? why don't you surmise what you have heard in the last couple of days? >> this is one of the greatest management break downs one could find. we had the chief information and technology people working for the president on this signature project and to a person they would not take responsibility. in fact, when questioned they couldn't name the person who was responsible for this failure to launch and one of the individuals, mr. chow, implied there wasn't a failure. that it sort of worked. of course he wasn't one that got in or 240 that managed to sign up by the second day. i guess he doesn't know what failure is. >> let's go to some of the risk issues. >> the fact they launched it with navigators with no criminal background checks, we learned there was a memo issued and they found prior to the launch two memos and it said the threat and risk potential to the system is limitless. limitless. he never saw the memo? he's the chief project manager? congressman jordan, how is that possible? >> i think what's more scary is someone did see it. someone knew this s
you like the stink sack? - is it any good? - . you don't eat it. it's a toy, like a wishbone. you know, prettiest girl gets the stink sack. - thank you. - so when's the wedding? - um... actually, we are just friends. - that's what mose said about his lady scarecrow, and look what he did to that poor thing. - hello? - hey. back here. - [laughs] wow. seriously? oh, my gosh. is that champagne? - si, senor. [pop] - oh, jim, i should have told you i didn't get the job. - oh, man. i'm so sorry. are you all right? - oh, yeah. i'm mo than all right. there's just nothing to celebrate? - are you kidding? you're in philly. we're having dinner together. and this is just consolation champagne. it's from the part of france that immediately gave up to the nazis. - [chuckles] - here. - you're very quick on your feet. i remember you. funny. - all right, so tell me all about it. let's get together for the holidays. ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother [ female announcer ] rich, creamy, breyers legendary vanilla. making holidays more delicious for over 140 years. making holidays more delici
often to check up. and pg&e called me yesterday they were going to send somebody over that's it they don't do it. they're waiting for san bruno to happen people liquor us don't happen. i'm going saying their don't build bus let's continuums. i'm working with the planning department and they said do you want any to ask them to compromise and they came back and said they don't want to compromise. so again, i wanted to tell you i'm not saying don't build if you look at the school superintendant he's sharing he doesn't want it to be built. we have children snavnt walking by and if somethings happens and the construction goes on for two years something could happen. so let's wait until pg&e fixes the pipe. you can't come in like a johnny come lately and a triumph one this >> my one of made a mistake which she said superintendent. >> i don't have anything else to offer i'll make modifying available. >> i have a question the 311 notification so did any neighbors show up. >> who neighbors showed up one is to the meal right and one other neighbor who is behind the property who is actually not
tried to make you understand but you did not want to -- i don't care about this crying and all that. this is real... >> i know tt is why i want to find out the truth. because you have been having a guilty conscious. >> i mistreated you. i tried to explain to her about the situation. >> what was the situation? >> when i'm talking she want to interrupt me. that is what makes me mad. >> i feel passionate about this. have is you don't shut up and listen when i'm talking. i'm the adult you was a child. you don't know more than me. i'm trying to teach you something. >> how are you trying to teach me? you have not been there. how am i going to listen to somebody who is supposed to be my father who is notcting like one. how many birthdays, how many performances, graduations? how much stuff do you know about me. >> the lifestyle i live caused me to be in and out of jail. the brief moments i was out of jail -- >> kirk: but that can not be her fault. >> exactly. >> kirk: she should not have to suffer for that. >> ok, the person who -- kirk: how -- [all talking at once] >> she livedh me at 16 i
three that's in violation of the city charter. i don't know if special patrol is included in that or the park ranger, sheriff's office or the officers for the bid's or whatever they are, all those acronym, i don't know if theocc handles those officer complaints or not, but that is what charter dictates so as far as capital budgets for the occ, overhead, i'm sure rent and utilities and all that stuff is probably included somewhere at capital budget unless it's rented out. >> operating budget. >> i'm sorry. >> in the occ's operating budget, but i'm not sure about the commission. i don't know where it's -- >> we don't have a budget. >> oh. >> we work for free. >> you do have staff, so you do have a budget. i did see one somewhere. >> we don't get maid. >> thank you. >> miss carpio. is it your position that we are in violation of the charter because there is a lack of funds to pay the -- >> it's not so much because there's a lack of funds, but a lack of investigators at the occ. it mandates one investigator per 150 officers. >> have you taken that to board of supervisors? >> n
doesn't apologize for her intelligence, and that is really a lot of fun. and women don't get to be that way. >> rose: yes, yes. >> very often and i think her condition affords her that too and i think actually, you know, when there is a certain point in one's maniac, because there is always an arc, when the mania sets in, and when you are hypo manic, when the mania is starting to build there is like a sweet spot where you are the smartest person in the room, where your brain is working faster and more efficiently, and you are able to connect dots in an astonishing rate and gain insight, you know, very quickly and to, you know -- amazing worlds and all of that, so she has a lot of experience of being genuinely, you know, the smartest person. but then the curse of the condition is that it necessarily devolves into a kind of, into chaos. >> rose: claire danes for the hour, next. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. >> additional funding the provided by these funders. >> and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide. caption
they read novels, they can really bureau into a series and they don't have to wait for commercial break. you know, .. they don't have to be at their couch thursday at eight. >> rose: they can be there saturday morning and watch three hours in a row. >> exactly, they can binge and the quality of the material, it keeps escalating, and it is really very thrilling. >> rose: homeland, obviously is a great success because of good writing, good acting, and a very interesting narrative. but more than that, what is it you think makes homeland such an obsession for so many americans? >> well -- >> rose: they don't like it. they get a little bit angry. >> yeah, well, i mean, it is a sign that they care. >> rose: exactly right. no, it is. we will talk about that. >> yeah. i mean, when i read the pilot, you know, the ending was just so -- it was so, so well constructed and i was, you know, greedy for next one, and i got the sense that would be the case with every episode, and, you know, it is really provocative subject matter and, you know, it is incredibly relevant to what is happening right now a
up. don't kno stories like that are good business for me, so i'm glad she did. [ applause ] >> wendy: apparently mariah carey didn't have such a terrific time on "american "idol"." as a matter fact, she says she hated the entire experience. e says she only took the job because they dangled $18 million in front of her. she didn't include the part in my head about she wanted to outdo jennifer lopez, you know, like, you know. shea also says that she thought there would only be three judges on the show, and she said that going to work every day was like going to work in hell with satan. e didn't say nicki minaj's name, but i'm assuming that's what she means becaus remember, nicki was brought on as a fourth judge and ten all of their bickering. side note, i always said that -- it and i love "american "idol"" but i thought taking thatob as a judge was beneath mariah carey just like i think it's beneath her to he a perfume line. i think it's beneath her to have of a nail polish line. i think it's beath her to have cloing line. think it's beneath her to do anything but sing because, you kno
of the quality -- >> the worst. >> the best doctors don't go near it, is that fair? >> that's absolutely fair. >> these people are going to be ma maltreated. >> it won't collapse. you'll have expanded medicaid. a shrunken exchange that works for poor people and sicker people. it will limp along. >> bob, let me just dispose of the numbers. the numbers look disastrous. are people expecting these numbers to just continue disastro disastrous. >> the numbers have changed in terms of the number of enrollments insurance companies are getting. let me put the numbers in another context for you. 27,000 people in 36 states is 25 people per day per state. in the state of florida and the state of ohio, that's 1 person per hour per day in florida signing up for healthcare.gov. i think one of the incredible stories here that's just not being focused on and reported is how cynical this administration is to tell people to keep try g trying. goodness, they have known these numbers. they knew one person in florida or georgia was getting through and they told them to keep trying. sebelius is kind of like a bagh
don't want to miss that. in the meantime, "the willis report" is coming up next. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" president obama who throws the health care system into chaos offering a fixed to3 president obama who throws the health care system into chaos offering a fixed to the canceled plans that creates more confusion, not clarity. >> this fix will solve every problem for every person. gerri: also, the next head of the reserve chair in the hot seat. how long will janet yellen keep interest rates near record lows been wrote wahoo. >> i believe the benefits exceed the cost. gerri: and are you -- our users guide to shopping. we're watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerrnot c welcome to "the willis report." your show, your money, your voice. and tonight your apology. the president today apologizing to the 5 million in have lost our health insurance coverage because of obamacare, his pr rram. not to worry because he will allow these policies to be extended one year. he said, it's on me, but what he means is committe
have had to know two years ago they were coming in withal additional 67 stories. i don't see how anyone would have had that in their mind. this is about the second bite of apple. yes, they, walk through those lanes and say oh, poor us we took advantage of the city for our 24 stories and now we want to take advantage of the city for thirty stories. the fee deferral relents was stopped at the end of june. there was absolutely no discussions at that legislation of people using that to say oh, and we will extend it for buildings that come back for the second bite of the apple. the fees should be paid. they're not optional. there's no way that anyone in the city can say that fees are a gift, the developer did say that. he is absolutely wrong. they were requirement of the law. their requirement of law because we litigated this issue. their mitigation measures that are required in santa fe san francisco and everyone has to pay them. if you did comply with the building sowed e code it's absurd you have to comply with the law and pay the fees. sales force coming in this and asking for the extra
gave the significant input at the last meeting i don't think that was even considered let alone included and i myself in writing and orally, gave such suggestions and after review of the annual report and i feel that you have confused the activist with the accomplishment and and the report is filled without any incomes without anything that i can find, it says that the commission is pledged to a high account of accountability. city lie breanne was found guilty by the ftpc by failing to report the gifts that he received in multiple years with no belief that this body would take any action, the speaker took the matter to a state agency. after multiple training called the multiple sunshine declarations and trainings in ethics rules and statements all under the penalty of perjury and that he took those trainings and then proceeded the year after year file annual statements with the fdpc form 700, and that all said that he got nothing. and he did those under penalty of perjury, now. his amended filings showed that thousands of dollars of such gifts and the library commission most rec
we see the images that will be in a car coming this way but here's a place in the effort he don't the same thing in the same place some of upstairs. and you can really see how - how he has by this point if you compare this and this for example. this exactly is the advice of one point prospective. this is something you can go in this direction and that direction it's fascinating about the passage of time earlier in the day and the shadows are changing. this has incredible it's been opened up and this is over and over again, there is this feeling the mortality. there's a remarkable certificate pictures when the people are 39 out the forest and they pile "those logs on the side of the road and david doesn't say those charge cool drawings on paid-up wood on wood. to my mind an expired drawing of what it looks like when they've been carted away. this is like life and dedicate and david himself asked for a particular tree the total thank you. and a will go on to do a whole series of the tomato thank you. the trees it is the xhrld a it portrait. at the same time once again he's about
content, so we created a flow where you could say "hey, i don't like that piece of content" and instead of reporting to facebook ink and we have 3,000 people but we don't understand the context of everything going on. you can report to a family or friend or somebody off the site. >> in the context -- >> in the context of the behavior itself. we have seen the reports go down. the closing of the reports go up and when we surveyed the people both the person reported and the person reporting -- not everyone, but most of the people were very satisfied how it resolved itself. now just think about that. somebody said -- so it's like i say to anne "anne nice shirt. nice jacket. >> but you hate it. >> and i hate it or maybe i don't. i'm giving a complement. the thing is facebook inc. doesn't know the context but now we have a system in place and i can resolve to anne and anne could say "i didn't mean to post that photo in an inappropriate way. i'm going to take it down" and we survey the people and everyone feels good about the situation and traditionally we thought it was a case of bull
vehicles but commercial vehicles and recognizing that some people have housing challenges. i don't know if perhaps we can bring up mr. duffy as well that he has worked on addressing some of those needs. >> good afternoon, supervisors, thank you for having me here. what i can share with you is that there was two rounds of outreach that took place from sf hot. at this stage there has not been additional outreach. i sat with andy and made revisions so it's current and we've asked if sf mta can get flyers out to vehicles. that is one step where we can generate more contacts. there have been about six contacts with the hot team and currently we do not have a vehicle stored on treasure island, but with the support of the members of the board, we have established as you know the mayor's fund as hope to cover storage cost that would be accumulated. it is going to be very easy for us going forward to now be able to store vehicles on treasure island and be able to pay for that and coordinate with the hot team and sign a contract where they are available and agreeing to permanent housing. i can r
's not usually just cisco. is it just cisco in this case? >> no, i don't think so. we saw some bad emerging markets news out of ibm last month. >> i thought that was ibm. didn't you? >> yeah, well, i don't know. china was a big part of that. other emerging markets were looking bad. it didn't necessarily seem like it was just an ibm issue. and i think chambers is underscoring that saying, we saw some ibm and we're going to see it from a lot more -- not everybody, but a lot more. >> we worry about revenue not growing enough. in this case, is revenue actually year over year declining? >> yeah, yeah. >> that's bad. >> analysts have been looking for an uptick of 4% in the fiscal q2, which is the quarter from a year ago. and cisco's guidance is down 8% to 10%. >> that's pretty staggering. >> because not only were the top five emerging markets down 25%, but the declines were accelerating towards the end of the quarter. so this is kind of -- >> what about the tapering? because if you think about all those emerging markets, they were impacted. >> it's the idea -- >> the concept. >> well, that was th
>>> thanks so much for watching this thursday afternoon. don't move. coming up next "the ed show" with my good friend and this network's offensive lineman, ed shultz. ♪ >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. good afternoon, everybody. >> you can't fix this government-run health care plan called obama care. >> i said that i would do everything we can to fix this problem. >> there is no way to fix this. >> and today i'm offering an idea that will help do it. >> i don't think this is ever going to work. >> we actually have a political party and a force in this country that thinks it's the right morally correct thing to do, to take insurance away from a fellow american. >> people want affordable health care. >> there is no way to fix this. >> i'm willing to work with democrats and republicans to fix problems as they arise. >> frankly, i don't think is there way to fix it. >> insurance is real important! >> it's certainly up affordable. >> the original market was not working well. >> this is going to destroy the best health care
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to be making a film on working with school resource officers and how to work with students. we don't believe we should even call anyone a bully because once you get labeled it stays with you. i've gotten letters saying there's a bully in my kid's first grade. the statistics show that about a third of the kids are bullied and bully others. as one kid said, i wanted to man up and show i wasn't going to be bullied so i did it to anyone else. breaking that cycle is going to be exciting and it's exciting to hear that restoretive justice isn't just on the fringe, that whole school districts are taking them on. it's going to be a process to do that because part of the anti-bullying movement is you go online, you see stomp out the bully, get the bully. it's important we all kind of take a stand on that. we all need to learn how to treat each other and change our behaviors. >> thanks, becky, unfortunately that is in in terms of questions because i hate to be the person to stand between you and lunch. we will take about a 20-minute break, you should all be back in your seats by about 12.20, if yo
licenses in construction practices in san francisco and they're here tonight. we don't have much more to add because the appellant hasn't filed a brief only unsafe demolition practices and work yoerp of the practices. i can go through the process. considering there's no justification for the four appeals we respectfully request you deny the appeal >> i have a question. when is the cost to our clients in the aggregate for the appeals filed >> this is a little bit afterward one to $2,000. >> total? >> for . >> i see the cost you're coming here and severing any anti lazy for the delay. >> just want to a ballpark. >> sure this is for the holder. >> hi, i'm mr. rubbing at the scene i'm a consultant for the permit holder for two of the appeals. i think it's hard to estimate exactly but i'd say north of $20,000 both in he remembers of project delay costs >> that's two out of the four. >> yes. >> i was curious. >> any other departmental comments. do you know who or what citizens against pain is? >> we don't we can go into some of the background you don't know i don't think th
few months. don't let us losses the right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes especially during christmas season >> thank you. any public comment? seeing none, then we will start with the rebuttal and mr. burn you have 3 minutes. >> to go back on the problem that was posed for the construction work on december 9th that was seven months after the stucco work we agreed with the construction we know it hazard to happen and the building owner has to protect they say investment but not at our expense. that's it >> have you or any of your tenants friends here going gone to the rent board or tried other alternative ways to get address. >> we've contacted the rent board. we also asked trinity if they would come to an agreement with us and they don't want to. they don't actually respond to occupier e-mails >> okay. thank you. is there time left there. if you want to give some time to - >> i've also been in touch with the independent living that resource center they also contracted the trinity lawyers and said i couldn't live through this noise with my medical condition they were g
of the appellant. procedurally this is troubling to us. i don't know what the plan is. when we were here last the issue that concerns the board whether we were right you can't have a second egress over someone's property or some reason we were wrong and the answer is we were right that's not a second point of egress. apparently there is some plan that appraise for some way to deal with the existing issue it's not on the agenda. we had over a month to try to work this out and now a we're given a set of plans that maybe meets some code requirement. planning was showing them a few minutes ago maybe there's a change of windows to doors that the gentleman says we were provided those plans months ago or weeks ago. i don't know what he's talking about. we never heard of any change of windows to door maybe this is a different set of plans. before you tonight is the permit we appealed that provided for egress over the prototype. that's innovate proper. if they have a different way to deal with this let's look at the plans i mean, you have not seen the plans until now. but to try to actually shove this
are asking, a level playing field in our backyard. we don't get a chance in anybody else's backyard. this is our backyard. we just want a level playing field. we don't want to you give us something because we live here or we are a certain color. just provide us with a level playing field. i think we got that with danny cook and butler enterprise and what they brought to the table for this process. we have you. myself as a contractor and my other fellow contractors. all we want is a level playing field. you can come out and see us and tell us about the adjustments we need to make in our business to be a success and all the other things. i have been in this business for 27 years. the contracting questions, i have done the units for houses or 3rd street but i don't get the same consideration now that i got then. i guess it's a difference dealing with the daddy and then dealing with the son. but with a we see in place now with lan ar we think we got a good shot at a level playing field. i thank you so much for this opportunity. >> james mabme? >> good afternoon madam chair and the rest
the heat and he went into all of this movie. very complex. it might bomb at the box office, but i don't care. i'm going to make this movie because i deleted it. and think of the box office was there from -- becau i believe in it. and thank god for the box office. it was there. i was arguing with the dan rather's of the world and all the naysayers. i never talk the attitude that movie. i felt responsible for the work. tavis: why did you feel that that movie had to make a statement? why did you can do so much of yourself to get out that storyline? myth that national hato be looked at. it is crucial to where we are today. what we try to say in the movable -- in the movie and in this untold story was that kennedy was significantly different than eisenhower before him and different from johnson after him. those three years with the beginning of a detente with the soviet union, a feeling for peace, a seeking out of a new ally with the soviet union, the end of the cold war, as kennedy called it at his university speech. pax of american war. presidents,merican next to roosevelt, he is the onl
are in charge now. take this. don't let black friday be the end. >> get back inside. we have work to do. >> when we started this fight it was because we were tired of xbox people telling us playstation sucked. now we're an army of our own. >> i can't guarantee you will live, but i can guarantee before this is is over the winner of the console wars will be decided. our new leader has joined us to make sure the system is the ps4. all hail the princess >> the princess. captioning sponsored by comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. thank you for joining us. our guests tonight shall we're excited about this from the hill aruous television program key and peele, we have keele and pee on the show tonight. chors plaus. >> jon: lucky was farsd, man, those dudes are funny. if you are anything like me, you can't digest milkment but also-- (laughter) you watch a lot of television news. and if you do you might have noticed the question that is increas
a question you don't know the answer to. (laughter) the media they are just askinging they don't know. everything is happening, they are just passengers on this crazy bus called news. (laughter) >> fear not, for tonight we settle the investigationing questions with our brand-new segment, racist or not racist? jessica william, jason jones, aasif manned very. thank you for joining us. we are very excited about this segment. it's a beautiful segment, a big segment. >> okay, well, first of all that is one weak segment title. (laughter) >> jon: you have a better title. >> yeah, of course i do. >> jon: okay. >> welcome to straight trippers or we cool. >> jon: isn't that title racist. >> oh, yes, definitely, but not if i say it. >> jon: all right, let's go on to our first story if we k we will start this is an easy one if you want, easy one. >> halloween is over but its controversy surrounding a costume is continuing after a boy dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. >> jon: okay, remember we're starting fresh. panel wa, do you think opinions racist. >> i want to say adorable. (laughter) >
are an insurance carrier to delay it another year and jump through a bunch of hoops. i don't see a great many of them willing to take the bait. >> that is one of the problems and the other problem the premiums are based on the idea. 2.7 young healthy people would sign up for the exchanges by the end of march. if those people are not going to sign up and stay on the old policies, the whole tables on which they based their assumptions go out of the window and all of the other services like preexisting conditions and all of the expanded coverage, and yearly caps, all of that doesn't work out anymore and the companies say we are in business. we'll not take a loss if you take away our income. we'll get it from someone else and the only people in the exchanges is the older sicker people. >> help us to understand this, doesn't the president and advisors call in insurers when they change the policy like this? can't we assume they are meeting with the insurers and if we do this there is an unintended consequences? >> are you really asking me that question after all we have seen in the last month and h
on with this that really prevents the crime from being detected and prevented from being -- i don't know what the right word is, fixed. but i think that's what is underneath. >> i want to go back to laws and how this criminal justice system needs to be reformed. i agree this is not a federal issue entirely but state and local government do what they can do i think it's a great move by virginia g.o.p. attorney general candidate mark obenshane is -- in his state, let's attack this problem, bring light to it i think different state officials like this need to do things like. that they need to unveil plans not just one law is going to fix this, not just one action but multitude of things. >> this new focus on imprisoning the buyers is that going to work? is that -- they -- used to call prostitution, now trafficking, the oldest -- most part trafficking, the oldest profession -- >> why in the world did this begin with putting the women in jail and not the men. if you really wanted to take care of this problem, it would go away. >> do you think -- >> my goodness. it's hardener you talk about prostitution in t
and commissioner raises a good point, the vacant positions are raising concerns. if i understand correctly, you don't think you'll be able to fill those positions which is july 2014? >> this is correct, and the reason being, it's a structural deficit. it is not uncommon for city departments. i was told by the budget analyst that, for example, the police department is holding 100 positions open and even though positions are identified in the budget and the budget appears to fund those positions because there is an attrition factor, as well as a step adjustment factor, it causes a budget to not be able to fund all of its positions. what i have at the office of citizen complaints is -- it's called step adjustment that automatically happens and it's a decrease. because there are, for example, attorneys at the top of their steps and investigators at the top of their steps, this counts against that step adjustment factor. and so even though we don't have all the positions filled, there is not enough money to pay so i was not authorized to even hire temporary. an it is of concern and for smaller depar
to park their vehicle and throw up a tent. we don't see it happening in district 2, in valley. maybe they should take the heat. >> thank you for your comments. melody? jennifer can go first. john is that okay? let's let jennifer and john and melody. >> i'm jennifer. i am the director of the coalition on homelessness. from our per -- perspective of expanding this is a wrong thing. we have been talking a lot about the massive numbers of evictions. we have for homeless people. i have been in this job for 19 years now and not as director but done this work for that long and never felt any where close to poor and homeless people being so under siege as they are right now at this moment. supervisor campos mentioned some of the issues. you know we have sweeps going on in the morning at 430 :30 a.m. people are being roused and wetted down by department of public works. i can keep going on and on and this as well. we have brought together some very clear solutions and people talk about commercial vehicles. we can limit this legislation and amend it to only applying to commercial vehicles.
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